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About Me...

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I have been creating graphic design projects since I was a kid.  Growing up, my household of 6 was kind to put up with my "newsletters" of the goings-on in the house. In college, I did newsletters for the preschool I worked at and the church I attended.  These were the good ol' days of cut & paste! 

Since then, and with the help of technology, I have upgraded my skill set. 

I have also had the benefit of working with and for some amazing organizations and people.

I also have expanded into event planning and general IDEA consulting.

Because many of my experiences have been connected to real estate, I have a giant library of templates, designs and campaigns. I have a large list of resources and vendor partners to help fulfill a variety of projects.

If you or someone you know would like some great IDEAS and help with creative projects, send them my way...I have a Servant's heart and a great sense of humor.

Let's Light Things UP!

Contact Me...

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